2000 Mazda mpv

my wife started driving the car the battery light came on about 40 minutes later the ABS came on then the radio cut out in about 5 minutes after all this the car died and what could it possibly be that gave out

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  1. The Alternator has quit working, either from the drive belt breaking or the alternator failing internally. This is why the Battery Light (NO CHARGE) came on. Once the alternator has quit charging the engine runs directly off the battery until it goes dead. All the other electronics fail to work also when the battery goes dead.

    Check the alternator belt and and tensioner first. if OK, Replace the Alternator and Charge the battery. Since it is bad on a battery to be completely run dead, you may find it a good time to replace the battery at this time as well to avoid further incident in the near future.

    Alternator Testing

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