08 Pontiac G6 GT

Steering wheel shakes above 40mph, also clunking noise in front end when stopping or turning at slow speeds. Recently had control arms/ball joints replaced as well as sway bar links. Mechanic says it’s my front struts, but wouldn’t think that would make steering wheel shake. Can anyone help, car is costing a fortune, and the problem persists.


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  1. Absolutely could be the front struts. They are connected to the wheels and could cause the clunking noise. Could also be severely warped rotors and tires with busted belts. If it makes a consistent noise at slow speeds that you are able to hear change pitch when turning at slow speeds(15 mph or less) then it is possible for the hub bearings to be the cause. You will need to inspect and eliminate the possibilities.

    How to Narrow a Noise Down.

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