Mar 112015

Hi ok here’s my issue I drive a 1991 ford f 150 4.9 liter with manual trans I had it in the shop about a week ago they had the starter solonoid changed and they said they had to fix fuseable links with in my main wiring harnass well it started drove one day and when I started it again my starter wouldn’t disengage I turn the truck off but the starter wouldnt stop running I had to pop my clutch to stop it then my neg wire on my bat melted so I send it back they replace the starter solonoid again will then my starter stop working so I replaced that it started drive for a hour or so came out to start it back up it did it again this time pos wire on bat melted new starter smoking now what could be the problem I even replaced the ignition switch too

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  1. Something in the wiring is shorting. A direct short will need to be found and repaired.
    Use the wiring diagram provided to trace the wires and troubleshoot the issue.

    1991 Ford F150 4.9L Starting System Wiring Diagram

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