Toyota Sienna 2004 awd xle

Passenger sliding door. Cable comes out of track when door is opened. Does not close autimatically


1 thought on “Toyota Sienna 2004 awd xle”

  1. There are two ways to fix this:

    1. new motor assembly at about $800.00 (cost)
    2. new spool assembly at just under $400.00 (cost)

    The spool assembly on the new motor appears to be have been beefed up in comparison to the old unit. Great to know that the original part could have used this originally….

    The replacement can be a DIY, with some mechanical savvy and a copy of the TSB. For the present time, we just the use the door as a manual door.

    The cable has stationary anchors at both ends of the track in the body. It runs along the track, into the door and around the spool, and back out of the door again to the other anchor. The front anchor point is visible only with the door open; I found that getting at the rear one required popping the vent window latching mechanism off to allow the window to swing open wider. In power operation, the door essentially pulls itself along the cable.

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