1996 acura tl 2.5

I have gone through 3 alternators in 30 days. What could be causing this?


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  1. Did you install it? or a shop?
    Do you have an aftermarket stereo?
    Did the alternator come from the same store? and was it a Re-Manufactured or new?
    How old is the Battery?

  2. A shop installed all of them. No aftermarket stereo. Alternators came from AutoZone, refurbished. Cost from dealer $790-not doing that. Battery is approx 1 yr old and tests good.

  3. The problem is the part from autozone most likely. They will stand behind the warranty but they do not cover the labor. I have seen this many time from Autozone reman electronics over the last 25 yrs I have been turning a wrench. I would recommend having a NEW alternator installed and the part come from somewhere other than Autozone. This should cure the issue.

  4. I thought that could be the problem too but 3 alternators in a row? The other problem is the cost of alternator from Acura is $790. Is there anywhere else to get one?

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