2004 Saturn Vue 2.2l 5spd. manual trans.

Went to drive from a stop and heard clunk then it wouldn’t move. Goes into gear with and without clutch. When in gear it doesn’t move but the CV axles walking in its boot. The axle doesn’t move and the CV joints good. When looking where the axle goes into the tranny there’s two rings that move freely and sloppily. One of them has splines where the axle goes through it. What are those rings? Are they supposed to move or be stationary? And what is a possible cause and solution of this?

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  1. the cv shafts move when in gear but the wheel doesn’t spin. End of axle shaft is broken. or hub bearing.

    The cv shafts do not move when in gear, Clutch disc blew apart and this is why it will not move. Quite common when hot rodding or dumping the clutch.

    The rings are bearings and they are supposed to be able to move.
    2004 Saturn Vue Clutch Assembly diagram

  2. I don’t believe I broke the clutch, because the pedal movements are normal. And if you go into gear without the clutch it tries catching and grinding but not always. And in gear you see the inner CV joint boot wobbling a little like a broken joint. But the joints and boots are good. Almost like the differential isn’t turning the axle but its trying hence the wobble but no rotation. Also, there’s no “hot rodding” lol because its a 4 cyl. SUV. And I wouldn’t dump the clutch on a vue, too top heavy.

    The bearings in the diff. Move more than I’d think they should as the inner ring is what appears to turn the axle because it has splines to match the end of the axle.

  3. I will try to explain my response a little better. The Clutch Disk is what I feel is damaged. Damaged by not having any more clutch material on it. I do not think anything is wrong with the Clutch Pressure plate, which is what gives the pedal feel.

    How a clutch system works is the clutch disk is smashed between the pressure plate and the flywheel when there is no foot on the pedal. When the pedal is pressed to the floor it releases pressure and allows the disk to spin freely. My thinking, since I can not physically look at it, is the material on the clutch disk is gone and thus not enough contact is being made between the flywheel and the pressure plate to be able to spin the transmission. But still enough contact to vibrate the transmission and the cv-shafts.

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