1998 Chevy Blazer s10 4 dr 4 wd

when replacing an inline fuel pump should the mechanic also replace the gas tank straps if he breaks them?

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  1. The 1998 Chevy blazer is not equipped with an inline fuel pump from the factory. The fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank. If the fuel tank straps are not reusable then they should be replaced.

    If the mechanic was at fault (not likely) then he should come forward and admit it was his fault and offer to replace them.(the morally right thing to do). However, if the part broke do to rust or age (road salt, etc.) then it may not have been the mechanic’s fault and would be a safety issue not to replace them.

    Since the straps have to be taken loose and reinstalled anyway I would hope they only charged you for the parts(straps).

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