Mar 032015

driver door lock will not unlock automatically thus locking me out of gas tank and hatch

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  1. Will the door unlock with remote?
    Do you have it in park?
    Does it lock and unlock with the drivers door switch?

    Thee are three components in this circuit.
    1. Door Lock Switch
    2. Door Latch
    3. Body Control Module
    2009 Saturn Vue drivers door lock wiring diagram

  2. will not unlock with remote..yes its in no bypassing the BCM?

  3. First thing to check would be the batteries in the remote. have you checked or replaced the batteries?

  4. it unlocks all the dors but the drivers side….the inside lock works on all doors but drivers and gas tank and hatch..

  5. Looks like you may have a failed relay. I appears there are three relays used in the door locks. Check all three Relays. If those check out, you will need to check wiring to and from the BCM – Body Control Module. If those check out, you are looking at replacing the BCM.

    2004 Saturn Vue Complete Door Locks Wiring Diagram

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