2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 5.2L v8

Check engine light, giving a p0748 code. I have pulled the pan, visually checked the Gov Press Solenoid, and the wiring harness. Did this at a friends house and didn’t have a continuity tester or multimeter at the time so while pan was pulled didn’t get a chance to check the internal wiring harness or solenoid with testers I am wondering. There is an 8 pin connector that plugs into transmission. I read somewhere that the #1 pin socket should be carrying voltage? It currently is not. Do you have a wiring harness diagram for the exterior of transmission. I have also ruled out the trans control relay. The relay only not the circuit. I’ve changed with clean ATF , any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh the truck starts in limp mode 2nd gear. No O/D yada yada yada


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  1. 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Wiring Diagram (1)
    2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Wiring Diagram (2)

    P0748 Dodge – Governor Pressure Solenoid Circuit Condition

    Possible causes
    – Dirty transmission fluid
    – Low transmission fluid level
    – Faulty governor pressure solenoid valve
    – Governor pressure solenoid valve harness or connectors
    – Governor pressure solenoid valve circuit is open or shorted

    When is the code detected?
    Engine Control Module (ECM) detectes an open or shorted condition on the solenoid circuit

    The governor pressure solenoid valve regulates the oil pump discharge pressure to suit the driving condition in response to a signal sent from the Transmission Control Module (TCM).

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