2004 nissan quest

All the sudden, the transmission got stuck in “overdrive” or a high gear anyway, so a really slow get up and go. Everywhere said it was probably the transmission control module. So I changed the tcm, It drove fine for a few minutes the first day “I only drove it down the block and back”. The next day I started out in it running fine, but when I came to a stop and started to go it was back to the same thing, “stuck in overdrive” or possably safe mode? Any suggestions, It dosen’t seem to be total junk if it repaired itself even for a moment, right? Thanks


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  1. Your lock up torque converter or solenoid has failed.

    Try this as a test. Put it in a lower gear and drive it. Or if it has a O/D button, disable it. Odds are it will shift and drive fine if you have it in third. Or if you test drive it and stay under 35 mph, it will drive fine. But once it goes into overdrive and the converter locks up(it is supposed to, that is how you get better fuel mileage) it wants to stay there.

    Of course if you have a check engine light on, extract the codes and post them below. Your local parts store will usually do this for free.

  2. You can actually unplug the tcc and the problem should “fix”. It doesn’t hurt to drive the car this way but you will lose fuel mileage

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