2005 Chevy Cavalier

I need help troubleshooting. My car is hard to start. It acts like it wants to turn of over but doesn’t crank. It kind of sounds like a starter dragging. However, once I give it gas it starts. I’ve been told it can be any number of things. Please help.


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  1. What you have been told is correct, could be a number of things.
    First, if the check engine light is on, have the codes scanned and post the codes below in the comments. Just about any local parts store will scan the codes for you for free.

    No codes, check the air filter and replace if dirty.
    Check the IAC – Idle Air Control Valve (most common)

    Cleaning and Inspection Procedure of IAC

    • If using the original IAC valve, perform the following inspection and cleaning procedure:
    – Clean the IAC valve sealing surface, pintle valve seat and air passage in the throttle body.
    – Whenever the air passages have heavy deposits, remove the throttle body for a complete cleaning.
    – The IAC valve may be cleaned by using a shop towel or small parts cleaning brush to remove heavy deposits.
    – Shiny spots on the pintle or seat are normal, and not an indication of a misaligned pintle shaft.
    – Inspect the IAC valve seal for cuts, cracks or distortion. Replace the IAC valve if the seal is damaged.

    • Whenever installing a new IAC valve, replace the valve with an identical part. The IAC valve pintle shape and diameter are specific to this application.

    • Compare the distance between the tip, or the pintle, and the mounting flange of the new and old IAC valves. Use finger pressure to slowly retract the pintle of the new valve to the distance of the old. This will not cause damage to the new IAC valve but is critical for installation.

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