1999 Ford F-350

My Dad has a Ford F-350.

This truck runs like a top between 1200-2000 rpm but in between those rpms it runs very rough and shakes a lot. there is no check engine light on and the parts stores wont plug it into their scan reader because theirs no light on..


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  1. Make sure the check engine light comes on when the key is put into the “ON” position, this lets you know the bulb is good. If it does not, explain this to the parts store and they should go ahead and hook it up.

    Otherwise, you will have to drive it this way until the light does come on in order to be able to tell which ignition coil is failing. As it is expensive to replace them all. Ford takes a while to trigger the check engine light on a misfire.

    I am assuming this is a gasoline engine and not a diesel.

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