Mar 052015

A small hose on top of the engine broke and shot oil all over inside of engine. The hose is about 6″-8″ long and goes from a “box” that looks like is is connected to air filter assembly to the valve cover gasket. questions: 1] what is it? 2] can I replace myself? 3] how likely is it that engine damage occurred?

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  1. Is the pcv valve on one end of the hose? If so, the valve might be bad and that’s why there is oil in it.

  2. What engine do you have, the 3.5L, 3.9L or the 2.2L ?

  3. If this is the hose your talking about, no worries. Just replace the hose. Not a bad idea to check the PCV valve if equipped.
    2.2L engine

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