2006 kia spectra

why does my car still squeak when turning the wheel after the belts have been tightened once before, and why does it do this only after the car has not been started for a while? Also, what could the ticking sound be I hear along with it?


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  1. The squealing of the belt can be caused by them coming loose and need adjusting once again, there is more than one belt. It can also be caused if any anti-freeze gets on the belt. If this is the case, the only way to keep it from squealing is to replace it. You can temporarily fix it by spraying WD-40 on it, but the noise will return.

    As for the ticking noise. Remove the belts and start the engine, if the noise is still there then it is internal in the engine. If the noise has gone, Install one belt at a time and start the engine till you hear the ticking noise once more and this will allow you to know the area to concentrate on that is the cause of the noise..

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