97 Chevy suburban

I have replaced the battery and distributor cap. Ran for a bit but stopped shortly after. Someone suggested it was flooded and to hold gas pedal down while starting it. When I tried that my son noticed gas coming from the passengers side under the car. Now I’m freaked out and have no idea what to do


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  1. You should pop the hood and look to see where the gas is coming from. The fuel system is under pressure, so with extreme caution and some safety glasses. Have someone turn the key to the “ON” position(do not try to start) and then back to off. do this several times while holding the key in the “ON” position for 4 seconds each time. While they are doing this you can be looking for gas spraying out from somewhere. Then you will know the location and see what needs to be repaired.

    Double check your work at the distributor cap location.

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