02 Hyaundi Elantra

Mother in law is 13k past due on oil change. Pulled dip stick and the only oil present was the oil burnt to the stick. Popped the cap and can see its just burned up bad. After a couple of years working in a GM service department I know how bad and costly this could be. Any way to flush out some of the burnt oil and sludge without a complete teardown?


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  1. Not really. You are actually better off leaving the sludge as is. Once you start breaking down the sludge it is just going to clog up every orifice it comes to including the pick up tube.

    I have added a quart of gasoline to the oil before and ran it through before a tear down, but I knew it was all coming apart anyway. You are welcome to try if you want to risk it. But have not heard of any “magic fix” for getting rid of sludge safely and with out risk.

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