1995 oldsmobile delta 88

Why won’t the car idle when its cold. Tried replacing coolent temp sensor, MAS, ho2 sensor, idle air control sensor, intake air sensor, gm computer, throdel sensor, fuel filter, and still won’t idle. Do you have any suggestions what it could be? Could it possibly be cam/crank sensor. The computer reads error on the can/crank sensor. Put a new ho2 sensor in but computer still reads bad sensor.


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  1. When the engine is cold it uses preset parameters to run so I do not think the cam sensor is causing this. I would recommend you fix it, but do not think that is the cause for the no idle.

    The idle air control valve controls the idle. Since you said you have already replaced this. I would try cleaning the throat of the throttle body by applying brake wash to a rag and wiping the throat walls of the throttle body. Also clean the edges of the butterfly. Then I would look to cleaning the fuel injectors.

  2. It is possible. That would be a good place to start along with a good tune up. Cleaning the throttle body and fuel injectors would be good as well. Generally the IAC controls the idle but you stated you have already replaced it. If you find that you have a higher than normal idle after it warms up, you may have a small vacuum leak as well that isn’t allowing the IAC to be able to do its job properly.

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