1996 chevrolet cavalier

My 96 chevy cavalier has 200000 miles on it. It has a hard time starting I have to push on the gas to start it and hope the battery doesnt die. When running its rough misfiring bad and smells like GAS so bad from everywhere. Also only 3 cylinders work and its supposed to have 4 working. Im going through so much gas its crazy. When im going uphill the car loses power and im only able to gi maybe 30 mph. Can anyone help?


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  1. My first thought would be a fuel injector sticking open. With a misfire this bad I am certain the check engine light is on. Take it to just about any local parts store and they will pull the codes for FREE. You can post the codes back here in the comments below.

    I would recommend removing each spark plug and reading them. Probably going to need to replace them with new ones anyway.

    How to read your Spark Plugs.

    If you find that one is saturated with fuel, this would be the cylinder to concentrate on. You may want to move that fuel injector to a different cylinder and see if the problem follows it before buying a new one… your call.

    The one that looks the worst is the cylinder that is causing the issue.

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