1999 Dodge Van 1500 5.2Lt V8

van lacks power, seems to be wide open throttle, stays in downshift or briefly shifts to higher gear to about 45mph. no engine lights or codes. tail pipe and converter look ok no damage. pulled wire on upstream sensor, threw a code, reset, still lack of power. 164k miles driven 20 miles a day, just did minor tuneup, checked for broken vac lines, fixed 2 vac line for ac. engine idles good, revs ok at 1/4 pedal then bogs down as if grabbing for air. Any ideas?


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  1. Fuel…. Replace the fuel filter first. Good maintenance practice anyway. if that doesn’t make a significant difference, Check the fuel pressure. Take note to whether or not you smell gas when it is bogging. Or if you smell a rotten egg smell. This would indicate e rich condition and I am guessing the it is more of a lean condition and staving for fuel.

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