2000 mercury mystic

I just had my timing belt repaid 2 weeks ago by gateway tire, It was fine until last sunday, when I was driving it made a funny clickky sound and then died. Now gateway got it back and has had it for 4 days now, they are trying to find out why it broke. Why do you think it might have broke, please help me, I’m lost.

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  1. No way to tell without looking at it. With the vehicle being 14 years old and lots of miles it would be difficult to know what failed. You would need to treat it the same as you would any vehicle that died and will not start.

    No Start Diagnostics

    An engine needs 4 things in order to run.
    1) Spark
    2) Fuel
    3) Compression
    4) Timing – all three above at the right time.
    If it has these things, it will run.

    I could be as simple as being out of gas. I am certain that if the problem was related to the previous repair that it would be covered under warranty.

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