98 Ford Windstar lx 3.8 has no AC

1998 Ford Windstar

I replaced the head gasket recently on this van before the air conditioner worked both in front and back now it only works in front and its blowing hot air in the rear also my vents wont switch from defrost position what would cause this.

Check your fuses first. (most likely cause)
1) Fuse #21 inside fuse panel 10A fuse.

If this checks out, then you will need to trace power to and from the Control Panel switch.
If that checks out then you will need to check for power and ground at the blend door actuator. If you have good power and ground, the next step would be to replace the blend door actuator. (this applies for the front and rear)

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  1. i have a 2004 ford freestar with no heat, i have replaced the heat actuator door, does this car have a heater control valve, and if so where is it located

  2. No heater control valve is mentioned in the manual. On vehicles that do have one, they are located on one of the heater hoses going to the heater core at the firewall.
    •Temperature blending is varied by the air temperature control door, which regulates the amount of air that flows through and/or around the heater core (18476) , where it is then mixed and distributed.
    •Temperature control of the heater system is determined by the position of the temperature control knob (between COOL-BLUE and WARM-RED) of the heater control .
    •This control knob is connected to a potentiometer mounted in the heater control . This potentiometer is electrically connected to the electric blend door actuator that operates the A/C air temperature control door.

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