2001 mercury cougar v6 2.5liter

I recently got a tune up and flushed my coolant/anti freeze. A week later my coolant light came back on the dashboard. Yesterday i drove about 13 miles and when i got home my car was smoking and i believe the coolant was leaking but not from the top maybe a hoes. Then today the car started over heating within 2 minutes of driving even after pouring water in the coolant. It stayed at medium heat when i drove 30 mph or less and didnt accelerate too quick. Do you know how i could fix this? And it is also making like a squeaking noise

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  1. The squealing noise is most commonly caused by coolant getting on the drive belt. Replacing the belt will take care of this. I recommend repairing the leak first so as to not damage the new belt.

    The engine is overheating because it is low on coolant and has developed an air pocket, simply adding coolant without bleeding it properly causes this. And unless the leak is fixed, it will continue to occur.

    Locating the leak can be done by using a coolant system pressure tester. Fill the level with water, attach the tester and pressurize the system to that equal to the overflow cap(usually around 15psi) and then look for the leak. Once the leak is found, repair it. Then top off and bleed the coolant system.

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