Apr 222015

I have recently swapped the engine in the Lincoln (with same) and got it to fire up about 4-5 times. I couldn’t let the car run too long due to a cooling fan degas issue and not wanting to fry the impeller of the cooling fan. After fixing the degas problem I went to jump the car again and it would crank but not start. Lights good and bright, plenary of power to crank over. I checked the fuel pressure via pressing the nipple on the fuel line rail with no pressure being released.
Question: since car was starting and running (for about 30 secs to a min ea time) could this be fuel related and the engine just used remaining fuel in the line before not starting and no pressure in the rail line? Checked fuse 17 in trunk (fuel pump relay fuse)

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  1. Try spraying starting fluid in the air filter and if it tries to start, then you know it is for certain fuel related.

    Then check to make sure it has gas in the tank. If the car has been setting for more than 6 months the gas in the tank should be flushed and the fuel filter replaced before adding in new fuel.

  2. Just so I’m sure I understand, starter fluid in the air filter or should I spray directly into the throttle body?
    Also I can’t understand how people hear the ‘hum’ from the fuel pump when the key is turned to the on position with the beeping and bells and whistles. It is definitely something I should be able to hear with the back seat removed and “ear to the pump”?

  3. Air Filter. I have found that if I remove the gas cap, place my ear by the fill neck and have someone cycle the ignition key it makes it easier to hear.

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