Apr 302015

Air Conditioning was only blowing out the lower and upper vents – i replaced the blend door actuator on passenger side – now only blows heat – i have removed actuator on driver side – it blows out all vents but still hot – ac worked prior to removing pass side – now not at all – what am i doing wrong?

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  1. “Blend Door” Actuator controls the Hot – Cold of the Air Conditioning.
    “Mode Door” Controls the Upper, middle and floor vents.

    Not sure why you would have replaced the blend door actuator to begin with as it was working fine. Are we sure we replaced the right actuator?

  2. 6so you are saying since the ac worked only the mode door should be replaced? Then why is it blowing hot? should i put the old blend door back? Just to be sure – the blend door is under the glove box and the mode door is up inder the dash on the driver side correct? Are the actuators interchangeable? Online there are multiple actuators that say they fir the truck and do the same thing. Thanks.

  3. i put old blend door actuator back on and it is still blowing hot

  4. It blew cold to begin with according to your first statement. So unless you changed something that moved or closed the door it should have continued to work. Lets for a moment step back and look at this from a different perspective. Lets make sure the Air conditioning is working first. Confirm the compressor is engaging and that the Accumulator is getting cold. If the compressor is not kicking in then your problem may not be under the dash at all.
    Air Conditioning Diagnostics

    Now, if the Compressor is working properly and still only hot air, then the Hot/Cold temperature door is set or stuck in the hot position. It is possible that the door is stuck or broken and not allowing it to move. Refer to #8 in the diagram below.
    Chevy Silverado Air Conditioning Blend Door Diagram

  5. the compressor kicks on and the accumulator gets cold – it stopped getting cold when the blend door actuator was removed – now the actuator has been put back and everything the same – i think the hvac needs to be reset – i tried removing the 10 amp fuse with engine and ac on – turned off engine – replaced fuse and turned ac on but it does not reset – i just want it cold again – i really dont care where it comes out now – what do i do

  6. You will need to take it back apart and move the door so that it is blocking the heater core instead of the evaporator core. You may be able to determine if the door is broken or damaged or even just stuck.

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