2007 Pontiac wave 4 door sedan

I had a mechanic tell me that I needed my lower and upper ball joints fixed however all other mechanics told me there was no such thing as an upper ball joint for my vehicle. So my question is what is located directly above my lower ball joint in the front end of my vehicle? Whatever it is, that is what’s needing to be fixed as well but I can’t get it fixed until I know what it is!


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  1. Your vehicle has a lower control arm that the lower ball joint attaches from that connects tot he steering knuckle. On the top of the steering knuckle would be the strut assembly.
    2007 Pontiac Wave steering knuckle diagram

  2. Okay so it would be my strut that’s going as well than..correct? That is what’s above the ball joint right? Also is it common for the strut to go the same time the ball joint is?

  3. Have no idea if your strut is bad without checking it. But typically struts last about 50-60K miles before they need to be replaced. It is not common for the lower ball joint and the strut to fail at the same time unless it was in a wreck or hit something at one time or another. Also, it is typical to replace front struts in a pair. The diagram shows the lower ball joint at the bottom. The tie rod end in the middle.(the ball joint attached to the end of the steering) and the strut mounts to the top of the knuckle.

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