06 dodge caravan

for  going on a year when I drive, the front of the vehicle smells “hot” , the coolant is draining out very slowly, over a few months to get below the minimum line.. there is no coolant on the garage floor. I have taken it to two different mechanics, one said the hose needed tightened but both can find nothing else. the gauge never goes to over heat I want to take it to another mechanic but don’t know what to tell them…I am a widow and know little about cars but do know my car and its ailments, thank you


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  1. You will need to have the cooling system pressure tested to locate the leak. It may be that the coolant is being burned from an internal leak. By pressure testing the system the mechanic should be able to locate the problem.

    You may want to to simply try some stop leak to see if it cures the issue before spending any more money. I Have had great success with Bar’s Stop Leak for less than $5.
    Follow the image for more Details…

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