2004 Taurses SES

Third break light and left tail light doesn’t light when breaks are applied. Could you refer me to a detail showing how to disassemble each of the lights?

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  1. Access the rear lamps from the trunk.
    Remove the luggage compartment scuff plate.
    Pull back the luggage compartment carpet.
    Disconnect the rear lamp assembly electrical connector.
    Remove the nuts.
    2004 Ford Taurus rear brake light removal diagram

    Remove the rear lamp assembly by pulling it away from the body.

    Third Brake Light Removal (PARCEL-SHELF MOUNTED)
    1. Disengage the LED module from the parcel shelf.
    A. Insert two thin bladed 20 mm(0.8 inches) wide tools (2.4 inches) from the outside edge of the module and push rearward to disengage the snaps.
    B. Lift the front of the LED module from the parcel shelf.
    2. Disconnect the connector and pull the LED module forward.

    Third Brake Light Removal (SPOILER MOUNTED)
    1. Open decklid and remove two rubber plugs.
    2. Remove the pin-type retainers and the decklid trim panel.
    3. Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the three nuts retaining the the spoiler to the decklid.

    For more detailed descriptions and visual diagrams, purchase an online manual for less than $20.

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