May 262015

When I slide the control lever for temperature I don’t get any heat. If I slide mode lever to A/C I can hear the clutch kick in, but fan stops! I switch back to vent and the fan will go back to high. Even without the fan I don’t get any cool air coming in. I had replaced the entire temp. control assy. as the controls in the back were broke and it was stuck on heat. What is wrong??

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  1. The vents could be loose and or the actuators may be bad or the vacuum lines are cracked coming from the back of the control head going to the actuators.

  2. (2) Questions:
    Do you know of a diagram showing where the actuators are ?

    Would any one of the problems you described explain why the fan goes from high speed to OFF when the temperature control unit is switched from, say, vent to A/C and why??
    Thank you

  3. Do you know of a diagram showing where the actuators are ? Do not have one, sry.May need to get a manual that does show it.

    Fan switching off may be an internal issue with the control unit. Check for loss of power when switching the control head and this will tell you if it is internal or external issue.

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