1979 GMC Dura Van 35 (motor home) w/hydraulic brake booster

Front brakes come on with out applying pedal.Brakes even came on while going up a hill. Any HELP would be appreciated. Thank You.

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  1. First thing you should do is check the power steering fluid level. It is also is what provides the hydraulics to the brake booster.

    Hydro Boost Brake Troubleshooting Chart:
    High Pedal and Steering Effort (Idle)
    1.Loosen/broken power steering pump belt
    2.Low power steering fluid level
    3.Leaking hoses or fittings
    4.Low idle speed
    5.Hose restriction
    6.Defective power steering pump

    High Pedal Effort (Idle)
    1.Binding pedal/linkage
    2.Fluid contamination
    3.Defective Hydro-Boost unit

    Poor Pedal Return
    1.Binding pedal linkage
    2.Restricted booster return line
    3.Internal return system restriction

    Pedal Chatter/Pulsation
    1.Power steering pump drive belt slipping
    2.Low power steering fluid level
    3.Defective power steering pump
    4.Defective Hydro-Boost unit

    Brakes Oversensitive
    1.Binding linkage
    2.Defective Hydro-Boost unit

    1.Low power steering fluid level
    2.Air in the power steering fluid
    3.Loose power steering pump drive belt
    4.Hose restrictions

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