1994 Mitsubishi GT3000 WR4 Twin Turbo


I am from Lithuania. I have 1994 Mitsubishi GT3000 WR4 Twin Turbo. There are problems with ECU. It’s not standard Mitsubishi GT3000 ECU, it have two plates inside, In front of it written: C-S type E2T61372-P, part No MD 192588, 10MHz-CPU M37798 CPU, on the sides written: big number and small number 2588 E 2T61372. Specialists of ECU tested it and don’t find mechanic or electronic defects or trouble. They said there are problem with programming ECU, ECU needs to be reloaded, but there isn’t OBD2 or OBD1 diagnostic connection in my car. My ECU himself have some connection (blue one named YAMAICHI FAP-40-07.028B), but there no possibility to connect to this connection in our country, Mitsubishi centre in Lithuania couldn’t help me with this problem. What can you recommend me about this problem? Is this possible to buy connection wire for this YAMAICHI FAP-40-07.028B connection and diagnostic CD for this ECU?
Sorry there isn’t possible to show photos.

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  1. You have an aftermarket ECU and and it was most likely programmed while connected to a Dyno machine for optimal performance. If the engine is basically stock, you should be able to install a factory ECU and it work just fine minus all the added performance of course.

    If you are set on using the Aftermarket ECU, you will need to contact that manufacturer and request the cables needed.

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