May 092015

Hello my car has been having a problem starting for the last 2 weeks now. 2 weeks ago I had the alternator replaced because the old one was bad. I had to have it jumped 4 times that day and when i got home i had to have it jumped 2 more times just to get it parked. The car had a bad battery and a problem where it dies at stoplights and when idling. Yesterday i had the starter replaced and then i tried to start it and it didn’t. I tried it a few more times and it started smoking. So i let it rest until this morning where i got a brand new battery and it still didn’t start. I know that the alternator starter and battery are all good i just had them tested.

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  1. What does it do now when you try to start it?
    One hard click?
    several clicks?
    nothing at all?

    Cranks over great just won’t run?

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