2000 mustang gt

well last night I was driving my car and it blew the hose off from back of the intake I guess it would be the heater core line and antifreeze went everywhere now the car knocks and has no oil pressure but never lost oil but when I start the car it has oil pressure and stops knocking when it sits there for a min it drops oil pressure and starts knocking again what can it be


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  1. I would guess cracked head and there is now coolant in the oil. Check the oil level to see if it looks higher than it should be. The coolant would thin the oil and will also take out the bearings if left in there too long.

    I am guessing the compression got into the cooling system and blew the hose. Overheated.
    Perform a compression test on all the cylinder. All cylinders should be with in 20 psi of each other. The one that isn’t is the problem. If you see two cylinders next to each other with low compression, possible blown head gasket< /a>.

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