1999 Toyota Corolla CE

My car will not crank and will not start. I had the starter inspected a month ago at the dealership and they said it is fine and changed my spark plugs. I also changed my battery as it was their recommendation. I had a high mileage oil change a week ago so all the fluids are good and the car was working fine but all of the sudden it is not cranking or starting


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  1. If the engine is not turning over, it is from no power from the battery..bad battery or corrosion at the battery terminals or cables….. Or most likely the Starter. You can check for battery positive at the “S” terminal on the starter while someone holds the key in the “START” position. If there is battery positive at the “S” terminal, replace the starter. Starters test good when they are working, but often are failing and do not show up on tests.

    Tip: sometimes you can smack the starter with a hammer to get it to start one last time if you needed to move it or drive it to a shop for repair but this may only work once. It jars the worn motor brushes and sometimes allow the starter spin over one last time. Sometimes twice but I wouldn’t count on it.

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