May 052015

when we drive our van for awhile with the heater or air on & radio , then we park it & shut it off for a short period of time. when we try to start it again we have to wait until it cools way down before it will start again ! what is the problem ?

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  4. When you try to restart the engine when hot, if the engine still turns over but does not start, the most common reason would be the ignition control module failing. (you can test for spark)

    If when it is hot and you try to start it and it does nothing or just clicks once, the starter is the the most common cause. (you can test for battery voltage at the “S” terminal on the starter while someone is holding the key in the “START” position)

    If when it is hot and you try to start it and it just clicks repeatedly, the most common reason would be a weak battery.

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