Jun 072015

My headlights go on during the daytime but automatically shut off when it gets dark or even if I enter a tunnel. Then my dashboard lights come on but headlights stay off. Is there a sensor that may need to be replaced? And where is its location? Under the hood or in the dash somewhere? Have checked the fuses and they are intact. Please advise

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  1. The sensor is generally located in the center on top of the dash, looks like a little ball sticking up just behind the windshield. You can park in a dark garage or at night and shine a flash light directly on it to test if it is working.

    There are 4 fuses in the dash and 1 under the hood for the headlights. Also there is a Daytime running lights Relay that should be checked. Beyond that is wiring and a DRL module, head lamp module and a body control module involved.

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