2006 dodge charger r/t

my charger has been making an awful noise under the hood. The best way for me to explain it, is it sounds like a stock car or bad muffler in the engine. When you accelerate, it gets much worse. Well, I know for a fact that its not the muffler, because its localized under the semi cover under the hood. Then, when you turn off the engine, it kind of sputters and shakes and clicks a couple times. Hoping you can help me with a possible idea of what you might think that could possibly be. Its very abnormal, and would just like some advice. Thank you
Jane Beers


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  1. first off sputtering and clicking when you shut the engine off is an indication of using low octane fuel or contaminated fuel. I would suggest the first thing you do is use high octane fuel the next time you need to fill up.try this and see if the noise doesn’t change tone and if not let me know.

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