2008 Nissan Versa 1.8 long crank time

Nissan Versa

long crank time when engine is warm. starts very good when cold engine.

long crank time when engine is warm. replaced spark plugs & coils. held gas pedal to floor & still long crank time. I crank three short times and it usually starts up. if not do it again. also replaced temp sensor & cleaned the throttle body. replaced the battery & new air filter. It starts very good when engine is cold. Can’t think of anything else as of yet. The car has 58500 miles on it.

Possible clogged air filter and or IAC – Idle Air Control Valve

Try holding your foot to the floor the next time it is warm and see if it starts easier. What this does is allow a greater amount of air into the engine which the IAC normally does on its own. Just one way of testing.