2006 Ford Fusion

When I drive in stop & go traffic for a short period of time, my car refuses to accelerate, when I stop for a short time and restart the engine it works ok if the traffic is moving normally. This could cause an accident and I would like to fix it

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  1. If your check engine light is on, the first thing would be to pull the engine codes. Most local auto parts stores will do this for free. Then post the codes below in in the comments.

    No check engine light on, There may be an issue with the accelerator management.

    The engine management system electronically operates the throttle of the engine in response to throttle pedal movements initiated by the driver. In event of a system failure, the engine management system provides a “limp home” mode which allows the vehicle to be driven with limited performance.

    Generally the fix is to replace the entire throttle body but can sometimes be resolved by reprogramming the engine management system. This requires the dealer.

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