2007 ford sport trac explorer 2 wd

the air conditioner compressor keeps kicking in and out, we have added a can of R134a to the system, but the compressor does not stay on long enough to cool the truck.

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  1. Sometimes one can isn’t enough. You need to look at the decal under the hood right above the fan and it shows how much the system holds. If it has a large leak in the air conditioning system it may need to be repaired first before you recharge it. Since the compressor is kicking in and out this indicates it is low on freon. So adding freon should allow the air conditioning compressor to run longer. Keep in mind that over filling the system can prevent it from cooling at its optimum level but the compressor would no longer be short cycling.
    Once you have found the amount the system holds, add another can and test. Continue to do so making sure you do not put more than the decal under the hood says. Assume the system had 1/2 a pound in it when you started adding, so you now have 1 1/2 pounds in it.

    Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

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