93 k1500 Silverado

I replaced vss on transfer case, speedo not working, truck will not shift out of second, any ideas?


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  1. If the transmission fluid level is low, fill it and retest. If the transmission fluid level appears burnt, the transmission may need to be replaced.

    Possible wiring issue, May need to have a transmission shop pull the codes to see if a solenoid is sticking if the fluid level is clean and full. This is if you are certain the VSS is a good part, You may want to try a second one first or test the one you have.

    Speed Sensor wiring diagram

    1.To test the VSS, backprobe the VSS terminals with a high impedance voltmeter (set at the AC voltage scale).
    2.Safely raise and support the entire vehicle using jackstands. Make absolutely sure the vehicle is stable.
    3.Start the vehicle and place it in gear.
    4.Verify that the VSS voltage increases as the drive shaft speed increases.
    5.If the VSS voltage is not as specified the VSS may be faulty.

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