This is not a question about the car itself, but really about how mechanics operate their businesses.

I do not use my car as merely a means of transportation to and from an office job, I use my car to PERFORM my job; my car is the my means to make my living; I have no job whatsoever without it. Yet, if something goes wrong, this car cannot seem to get the proper priority. Like right now, the rear end just failed, yet the shop won’t even look at it for three days because they want to be closed on a set schedule, instead of closing when all of the work is done. It’s one thing to decide their own work schedules, but the problem is that they are deciding MY work schedule. This is not right.

Why are car hospitals not willing to do triage like people hospitals do? Why won’t they prioritize based upon the turmoil caused in the customer’s lives? Why are people whose only inconvenience is taking a bus instead of their own car to their office job given a higher priority in some cases to those who have no way whatsoever of working when their car is down (independent couriers, for instance)?