Jun 302015

I was away on a trip for a month and i left my car at home. My neighbor would turn it on occasionally. When i got back the car ran ok for a day . The second day it stoped running. I had to take it on a tow. When it got home after a couple of hours i tried turning it on and it started but after a about 10 min it turned off again. Then it wouldn’t start. A friend told me to put fuel injector cleaner so i did. And now it doesn’t start at all

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  1. I am assuming the engine spins over but doesn’t start?

    You will need to determine if it is not getting fuel or spark. A quick test would be to spray some starting fluid in the air filter to see if it will start. If it does, you know it is a fuel related issue and can focus on that area.

    No Start Diagnostics

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