Jun 302015

my car overheated and i need a new heater hose because of a leak. they ran a combustion check and it failed. they said i need a new engine or i need to replace the gasket on top and hope there are no further cracks. She said that fluid and oil are mixing together and if i try to drive the car the engine will lock up. is this true? The mechanic told me i could buy bluedevil and it will probably fix it for a couple of months, which will at least buy me some time. Is there any way i could just replace the hose and not the engine or will the car not run? I have a Volkswagen 2003 Passat

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  1. If you do see milky oil when you pull the dipstick then the odds are you have a blown head gasket. Not repairing this and driving it will cause damage to the engine. However, if coolant is not getting into the oil, fix the hose and drive it.

    Blown Head gasket Symptoms

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