2001 Chevy Lumina

I just replaced the radiator and thermostat on a 2001 Chevy Lumina. I drained the system before starting and filled it afterwards. When I cranked the car and the temp gauge went past operating temp it went down like the thermostat opened properly. I surveyed everything under the hood and checked for leaks. There was one little hose by the thermostat housing going up toward the intake that had a hole in it. I replaced it and crunk the car again, but the temp gauge showed that it was running hot and the thermostat seemed like it wasn’t opening. What can I do to fix my problem and get the car up and running properly.


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  1. This is normal when there is air trapped in the system. You will need to open the bleeder valves 2 to 3 turns and top off system. You may need to run the engine with the bleeder valves open until you see coolant coming out and then close them and top off reservoir. You may need to run engine until it gets hot and then cools up to three times. Each time topping off the coolant level. Be gentle with the bleeder valves as they are made out of brass and do not need to be over-torqued. One bleeder is located on the thermostat bypass pipe.
    coolant bleeder valve location
    and the other toward the top of the engine.
    Top Coolant bleeder valve location

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