2002 Lincoln Continental

I recently had the outer tie rod ends replaced, and the front brakes done, pads & rotors. After I left the shop I drove about 7 – 10 miles away. And I noticed an odd burning smell, which I knew wasn’t oil, but I didn’t know what it was. I drove back to the shop, the smell now much worse and smoke coming from the left front corner panel area. A tech came out and said “you have a frozen caliper.” I said how can this be? You folks just installed new front brakes. How could you miss a frozen caliper? So, I waited 2 – 3 more hours while they did “something” at no charge. Anyway 2 more visits at no charge and on the last one the invoice said could not duplicate problem. No charge I go home. A day later it happens again. I take it back they keep it, the next day they tell me it’s holes in the brakeline causing the prob. They replace (I think) the bakelines for $100.00 instead of $175.00 Now it works fine. Will holes in brakeline cause caliper to freeze?