2002 Mustang GT

My car has 69.000 miles on it. My serive engine light came on about two months ago. It started dying when I would start it. There was a hesitation and it loped like and sometimes made a popping noise when I would try and start it. Now once I got it started and driving it seemed fine. I changed the oil, new oil filter, air filter and also we replaced the fuel filter. It was throwing 6 codes before I did all this. Now it still was funny starting and I still hear a whine on the passenger side of engine. Had codes checked again. Only one was showing the camshaft sensor so I bought one amd we replaced. It starts better amd runs smoother. Oh amd we replaced the serpentine belt too. The whine is much quieter also now. But I felt it lope again and it would not start on the first turn, like it use too. So I think it’s running better amd that what we did helped it but something else is still making it run a little rough when it’s first started. Any ideas on what I should chase now?


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  1. Would love it it if you could post the code below. But I would also think changing fuel would make a difference. Try a different fueling station and select the top grade for the next two fill ups. Also check the air filter and hose connections to make sure there are no leaks present. Then double check the PCV valve hose to make sure it is no cracked or leaking.

  2. I have no idea what the code was, he just said camshaft sensor and we replaced that. It’s still choking when I start it. I did change the air filter. I will try a higher grade of gas. And check the PVC hose. Thanks!

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