Honda Accord 2000

The check engine light came on last August. When we tested it, it said the catalytic converter was not working as well as it should. This surprised me because it’s a low mileage car (under 164,000 at this time) that doesn’t burn much oil. We’ve already tried resetting the check engine light to see if it was a fluke, but the light keeps coming back on with the same message.
What should I do? Does the catalytic converter really need to be replaced? or is it just a faulty sensor?

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  1. Good Question.
    Would be great if you code post the actual code below in the comments. For now we will just assume that the code is p0420. This is a common code that comes up that means the catalytic converter is below the efficiency threshold. All this means is the converter is not functioning up to perfect standards or functioning within the programmed parameters. That being said, the sensors are working properly or they wouldn’t have noticed this.

    Do you need to replace the catalytic converter, NO. The catalytic converter does nothing for your performance, fuel mileage or pocket book. It is there because the government says it has to be there. It is supposed to be there to help the environment. That being said, you could drive your car another million miles and it won’t make a difference in drivability or fuel mileage. However the check engine light will remain on.

    If you want the light to go out, you will have to replace the converter.

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