Aug 272015

1997 Chevy BlazerI don’t have power to my a/c compressor. I have power at the low pressure switch and power at the high pressure switch.

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  1. You should have power to one side of the low pressure switch and once the pressure is correct it connects to the other side and pulls the compressor clutch in. So if there is enough Freon that the system isn’t low you should see battery voltage at both wires on the low pressure switch.

    Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

    1997 Chevy Blazer Air Conditioning wiring diagram

  2. What causes a blower relay to get so hot that it melts the #3o terminal on a 1997 chevy blazer.

  3. Resistance in the wiring or connections are possible. Also a failed A/C Clutch diode would allow back feed of current.

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