2006 suzuki reno

i have check engine light on so i wanted to know the codes on it problem is when you plug the scanner in it wont show any codes it comes up as its not plugged in or no power to device i was told by auto zone to check both ecm fuses but both are good what else would cause this?

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  1. alright checked all the fuses they are good there was on missing tho on the fuse panel it stated it was for the DLC and it was a 10 amp fuse so i put one in it i wont know until tomorrow if that was the problem other than that could anything cause this if the fuse wasnt the problem?

  2. yup thats what it was and i kinda have a hunch on why it was missing when i bought it they reset the battery so the engine light was out and just so no one could read the codes if they had a scanner turns out what it needs is a catalytic converter other than that it runs decent but im gonna have to spend about 150 on ebay for a new one but anyways thanks for the help

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