2000 Cadillac deville cat

Left front brake locks up in about 10 minutes of driving changes caliper pads hose and bled with a scan tool clears it up but 10 mins of driving g locks it again

2000 Cadillac Deville


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  1. I have to assume you have determined the rotors and hub bearings are good. Most common reason would be the brake caliper or the caliper hose not allowing the caliper to release.

    Next time it is locked, Pull the wheel and see if you can compress the caliper(easier if the brake fluid reservoir cap is removed). If the caliper will not compress, the Hose is BAD or KINKED <-- a lot more common than you think... If it all checks out, you will need to check the metal brake lines for any kinks or bends or damage that may have occurred such as running over something, etc.

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